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h A3 A4 NS
h B1 B2 NS
h B3 B4 NS
h C1 C2 NS
h C3 C4 NS
h D1 D2 NS
h D3 D4 NS

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1 Bekithemba 0
2 Eka 0
3 Gio 0
4 Grella 0
5 Nzisto 0
6 speedy_alex10 0
7 valeriomoronii 0
8 Yosoku Games 0
9 Zuhan_10 0

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17-01-2022, 18:23

As we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we reflect on his impact and the work that remai…

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RT @beckysauerbrunn: Let’s get the word out! Please pass on this information to the women who might qualify for the #USparaWNT and want to…

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10-01-2022, 20:39

Official slate of candidates confirmed for 2022 U.S. Soccer Presidential Election

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07-01-2022, 00:12

U.S. Soccer Statement on Presidential Election Candidates

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04-01-2022, 17:15

RT @opencup: The announcement of complete Open Division berth allocations for #USOC2022 has been pushed back to the week of 1/17.

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Welcome to 2022, y’all!!!