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What Does it Take to Become a Professional Soccer Player?

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What Does it Take to Become a Professional Soccer Player?

A dream of many young players in Germany is to become a professional soccer player. Especially in this day and age, when we are closer to professionals than ever before, thanks to social media, many dreams of the extravagant life of a professional soccer player.

To become a professional, you need talent, commitment, and perseverance. Even world stars like Messi or Ronaldo had to train hard for years until they could celebrate their breakthrough in the end.

You have to start early to become a soccer player.

You don't become a professional from one day to the next. It takes not only talent but also a lot of time to master the game completely. World stars in soccer are famous for training particularly long and hard. At the earliest age, they began to work on their abilities practically every day.

That's why the earlier you join a club, the more you can learn about the game. Children learn particularly quickly and should make the best use of their young years to learn how to compete in the game. In addition, it is much easier to learn as a child to master the ball safely and thus form a good basis for advanced techniques.

Becoming a professional soccer player means: Long and hard training

No one makes it to the professional without enough training. Many today's professionals, especially from Latin America, underwent training daily as children. Soccer was practically lived every day in the club or on the street.

However, this is sometimes also due to the immense pressure in these countries because the competition is so great. According to a recent study from Brazil, becoming a professional soccer player is the only way out of poverty for many. In Germany, children are often less forced to exercise for several hours daily. But in the best case, you will also find the time to kick a little every day.

If there is no training or game with the club, you can, for example, simply hold up the ball in the garden for a few minutes. Or you kick a round with your friends just for fun. Strength training for soccer players is also part of modern training programs today.

Often test yourself in competition or real games.

Training may be important, but competing is at least as important. After all, how often do you hear about the all-important game practice in soccer? This cannot be replaced by training because, after all, you never train in an environment that is as serious as in the game. Even training games cannot achieve the 'serious' character of a regular game.

Of course, club games are particularly suitable for this, no matter which league you play. So, you should try to play as many games as possible. If you don't make it into the first selection, you can wait for your chance or even switch to a supposedly weaker club. Many young players could gain game practice in this way before becoming professionals.

To become a professional soccer player, you need a healthy lifestyle

Another important factor that can significantly influence the growth into a professional is lifestyle and diet. Even children and teenagers should take care of their fitness and health.

If you come back after the summer holidays 5 kg overweight, the coach may lose confidence in you. In addition, rapid weight gain decreases strain on the body, especially in children.

That's why you should make sure to keep yourself healthy at all times. This is important for physical and playful development. Teenagers should also be careful not to let themselves go too much at parties. Alcohol not only hurts your body but can also negatively affect your upcoming workout or game.

Learn and understand soccer thanks to video analytics

While training, games, and a healthy lifestyle optimize your body for soccer, you can continue your education without practice. Of course, you can fall back on the old book in a classic way. But today, video analyses are much more suitable. This is because you can also see exactly how you want to play.

Meanwhile, an endless amount of content can be easily found on popular video platforms. In addition, some expert analysts used to be known only from television. As a result, you can learn tactics and moves, which can then be transferred to your game. To become a professional, you should learn as much as possible from the professionals about soccer.

When will it be decided whether it will be enough to become a soccer player?

If you follow all our advice and get into the so-called 'golden age,' you often decide whether it is enough to become a professional. Between the ages of 15 and 18, you must make many important decisions, including whether you want to pursue your career as a soccer player. Unfortunately, most people stop playing soccer here due to school and education.

However, if you play at a good club and the coach recognizes your potential, you should continue to play. If you show the passionate commitment, will, and professionalism needed in the end, the leap into the professional league, can certainly succeed!

What is the chance of becoming a professional soccer player?

Soccer is popular in Germany, and the competition is fierce, although not as big as in Brazil or Argentina. That's why only a very small part of all players can make it into the professional leagues. Meanwhile, even the third league belongs to it because you can earn very good money, which was not necessarily the case a few years ago.

However, if you take all three leagues together, in the end, there are only 56 clubs, which on average take in about two young professionals per year, i.e., 112 new professionals. On the other hand, every year, there are around 500,000 young active players in the 'golden age' between 15 and 18 years who hope for a jump into the higher leagues. That's why you need a little luck, in the end, to be discovered by the right club.

Conclusion: What do you need to become a professional soccer player?

To become a professional soccer player, you must start early, train long and hard, play a lot, and live soccer properly. If a little luck is added, you may be able to be discovered and specifically promoted. In the end, you leap into the professional league!

However, you don't have to become a professional soccer player to participate in our World Cup prediction game. Anyone can sign up quickly, easily, and for free. This is as much fun as kicking with friends on the lawn.

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